Soulja Boy Taunts Chris Brown By Posing With His Ex And Calls Her A Bitch

The feud between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown keeps getting hotter as Soulja boy launched a whole new war with his rival on Instagram, telling Chris that he ‘f***ed’ his ‘b*tch’, the girl in his pics.

The rapper, 26, posted three Instagram pics on January 7 to rile up his nemesis Chris Brown, 27, saying that he slept with his ex. Or, more specifically, “Aye Chris I f***ed yo b*tch,” as he captioned the first photo. Really soulja boy?!!!

We’re pretty sure Chris hasn’t caught wind of this, because he hasn’t responded yet. Soulja knows this is going to set him off! Soulja’s first photo shows himself posing with an extremely pretty girl, who’s wearing a low-cut black shirt and has impeccable makeup. If Soulja’s actually dating her, he’s one lucky man!