Why You Shouldn’t Jump Into a New Romance After a Breakup

Why You Shouldn’t Jump Into a New Romance After a Breakup

The breakup is a thing that we really don’t want to talk about. You’ve been building your relationship for some time, you had certain hopes and plans for future, but it all came crumbling down. So, there is no surprise that you feel depressed, dazzled and devastated. Trying to forget about the breakup, some us try jumping into a new relationship. But pretending that nothing happened won’t help. Moreover, your new romance can make things even worse. “But why do all the girls get in new relationships right after breakup?”, you may ask, but no they don’t, and if your ex did so, it’s a pity.vavadating.com/girls/ tells about why jumping into a new relationship after a breakup is a bad idea.


You Remember Your Ex Quite Well

After a breakup, you are most likely to experience different feelings towards your ex. One second you hate him or her, thinking that you have wasted a period of your life, next second you get the feeling that you still love your ex and you start really thinking about reconciliation. That’s why getting over a breakup while getting into a new relationship is a bad idea. It’s impossible to go on a date with all that thoughts in your head. You may start comparing your date-mate with your ex, and most likely you are going to turn a blind eye to every aspect that your date-mate is superior to your ex. Most likely, you are going to dismiss your date-mate from the very start, as thoughts that you have a possibility to reconcile with your ex won’t let you start a new relationship.


Torturing Yourself and Your New Partner

Okay, maybe you overcame that fusion of feelings towards your ex and managed to start a new relationship. Now, ask yourself about the reasons behind this relationship. Were you in love with your new partner or you were just trying to forget your ex? You know that this kind of relationship rarely lasts for long. You are constantly torturing yourself, as you get the feeling that your new partner is not good enough when compared to your ex. If he or she is, you are torturing yourself because you think that you are not good enough for your new partner. Your real attitude would be sooner or later disclosed to your new partner, and nobody likes being used. You just can’t use someone as a bandage for your wounds of the breakup. So, no surprise that this relationship is torture for both you and your new partner.


Ending Up On Your Own

Sooner or later your new romance will end. Doesn’t it seem funny? You tried to survive one breakup by entering a new relationship, but what you get is a new breakup. It all happens because romantic relationships run on being honest with each other. Let’s be honest, using someone to heal your wounds from your previous relationship is as far from being honest with your partner as it could be. Of course, you can be quite straightforward with your ‘pill’-partner, but rarely someone will subscribe to that.


Give Yourself Some Time

You need to face the fact that you can’t get over a breakup with a new relationship. The best way to cope with a breakup is to give yourself some alone time. You need to think everything over. You need time to cope with your grief and pain. If there is a chance that you and your ex can reconcile – give it time. If you are absolutely positive that nothing is holding you together anymore – give it time too to get sure that you are absolutely ready for a new relationship. Even figuring out whether you want to reconcile with your ex or start a new relationship requires time.