Rihanna Appreciates Young Nigerian Dancers from Ikorodu

A few young Nigerian dancers have found their way into the heart of international musician, Rihanna.

The dancers from Ikorodu first broke the internet with a dance video of them dancing to Wizkid’s single titled Nowo. Rihanna shared the dance video in admiration of the young talents as she celebrated a new milestone in her career, being the first female artist to cross 2 billion worldwide streams on Apple Music.

The young talents sent love back to Rihanna, thanking her for the support. They posed with a bold written note which read: “Thank you Rihanna, we love you.”

Loving them even more, Bad Gal Riri shared the photo on her Instagram page and said: “Awww my Lil squad…..I love YOU guys! I speak on behalf of the entire social media when I say this… you really brought a pure joy to our spirits just by seeing how happy you are when you dance! You personally made my day! Keep up the great work kids! ❤”