Rick Ross Fires Warning Shot At Drake “It’s Whatever If It’s Gonna Be Whatever”


Rick Ross is sending a warning to Drake after Drizzy reignited his feud with Meek Mill.

While on Noreaga’s “Drink Champs” podcast (one of my favorites, if I might add), Ross was asked about Drake’s and Meek’s feud. He remains adamant that Meek didn’t really lose anything the beef. He’s still with his girl and was on a huge world tour. “Just on some G sh*t, n*gga ain’t lose to nobody,” said Ross. “Y’all better study the game and how the game go.” Ross goes on to say “We all rich,” which in simple terms means the beef didn’t harm anyone in MMG.

According to Ross he hasn’t spoken to Drake since the beef between him and Meek. He tells N.O.R.E and DJ EFN that there’s really only two ways the situation could have been handled. “You either be G enough to bring whatever the issue is to the table, or n*ggas let it get out of control and see what happens,” said Ross.

It didn’t end there, though. Rozay says that if there was ever a need to take it “there”, he will go “there” (wherever there is).

“For my dawg, it’s whatever. If it’s gonna be whatever. If it’s gotta go there, Renzel is gonna jump off the porch on your A$$.”

I don’t know if it’ll ever get as serious as Ross made it seem, but just in case, I don’t think anybody wants those problems.