Rich Chigga – See Me

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New year and new name for the rapper once known as Rich Chigga. Apparently Rich Chigga hasn’t been happy with his rap moniker for awhile now, as Pigeons & Planes dug up an old tweet from 2016 where the rapper writes, “rich chigga is a fuckin corny ass name y did i think it was ok. why did i let this happen.” He’s finally changing that in 2018, with an announcement today that he will now be going by Brian.

Elaborating further on the change-up, Brian says, “Yes I now go by ‘Brian’. I have been planning to do this forever and I’m so happy to finally do it. I was naive & I made a mistake. new year, new beginning, happy new years™.”To formally usher in the name change, Brian has released a personal new single “See Me,” his most introspective to date.

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