Photos: Fake Adekunle Gold Busted At Popular Lagos Club (Photos)


All thes scammers are not ready to sleep. So last night at a Surulere club, a FAKE ADEKUNLE GOLD was busted. The truth is the guy looks so much like Adekunle Gold and he has been going around town pretending he is the real one.

He has been drinking free liquor at clubs and obviously, maybe he has even received one or two cheques for a show meant for the real artiste to perform. So a guy who goes by the name, Kogbagidi on Instagram narrated how the scenario went down yesterday and how the guy got busted, but luckily unfortunately he escaped.

ALERT: Fake Adekunle gold bursted at a popular nite Club in Surulere Last nite by “Kogbagidi”. An impersonator of a popular RnB Artist Adekunlegold was cruising around Surulere nite Clubs on a club tour when C.E.O of the club phoned a famous Artist promoter @kogbagidi to notify of the impersonator at the V.I.P section sipping Hennessey with cold ice and chicks around him,on getting to the Club,the impersonator(Fake Adekunlegold) begged the owner of the club for his dare life and ran before the police got there.Fellow fans let’s protect our hardworking Artist and Alert any security agencies around u or call 112 or 767 if you see this Hungry impersonator