OASE & FAMILY Album Release Concert

Oase & Family is the first artist on OASEMUZIK record label. Oase & Family started recording HIGHER HEIGHTS 1.0 in 2015 with different producers and sound engineers working on it. It’s purely a gospel reggae/church hall tones. Originally it was 10 track album but because of public demand, we had to add more songs which is now 14 songs including the jazz version of REGGAE DIVINE featuring David Alabi. The only challenge you will have listening to this project is to find your hit song! That will be your challenge! All the songs are powerful and connects with everything you see, can not see and experience. Below is what the album looks like. We recommend that you purchase this album and share with friends and foes! 20% of funds realised from this project will be put into missions like; PRISON, ORPHANAGE, HOSPITAL, GHETTO, etc. See you on the release date!