It is no longer news that quite a lot of men suffer from either weak erection, quick ejaculation or both.

When men become sexually aroused, hormones, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels all work with one another to create an erection. Nerve signals, sent from the brain to the penis, stimulate muscles to relax. This, in turn, allows blood to flow to the tissue in the penis. Once the blood fills the penis and an erection is achieved, the blood vessels to the penis close off so that the erection is maintained. Following sexual arousal, the veins to the penis again open up, allowing the blood to leave.

For most men, this problem occurs occasionally and isn’t a serious issue. However, if you are unable to achieve an erection one-quarter of the time or more, you may have a health problem that requires medical attention.

What Are the Common Causes of Erection Problems?

The causes of weak erection can be physical, psychological, or a combination of the two. Physical causes of weak erection are more common in older men. They occur because of disorders that can affect the nerves and blood vessels responsible for causing an erection.

Physical causes of erectile problems include:

  • heart disease
  • hardening of the arteries
  • high blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • obesity
  • high cholesterol
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • multiple sclerosis
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • certain medications, including diuretics, beta blockers, muscle relaxers, or antidepressants
  • alcoholism or substance abuse
  • long-term tobacco use
  • trauma or injury to the spinal cord or genital region
  • congenital genitalia problems
  • liver or kidney disease
  • treatment for prostate problems

Erection problems can also be due to issues of the mind. Emotional issues can distract a man of any age from becoming aroused, and include:

  • worry over not being able to achieve or maintain an erection
  • prolonged emotional distress related to economic, professional, or social issues
  • relationship conflicts
  • depression

What Are the Potential Complications?

The complications that come with erection problems are significant and can impact your quality of life. If you experience erection problems, you may also experience:

  • stress or anxiety
  • embarrassment
  • low self-esteem
  • relationship problems
  • dissatisfaction with your sex life

Lifestyle Changes

Many of the physical causes of erection problems are related to lifestyle choices. You may want to consider the following changes:

  • stopping tobacco use
  • drinking less alcohol
  • getting plenty of rest
  • eating a healthy diet
  • exercising regularly
  • talking with your partner about sexual issues

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