Mercy Aigbe Cries Out On The Negative Effect Of The Present Economy

Mercy Aigbe

Actress, Mercy Aigbe has cried out, over the effect of the present economy, on the Nigerian movie industry. Mercy revealed that the hardship is affecting the industry, citing that even the rich are also crying.

Expressing her concerns on the economic challenges, currently hitting individuals, in the Nigerian Movie industry, Mercy said:

“The economic situation of this country right now is very terrible. The hardship is telling on everything in the country.

Even the rich are also crying now because the standard of living has gone down drastically, and that makes it very hard for me to be comfortable at the moment.

A lot of things have gone up in terms of prices. Then, no electricity, fuel is very expensive and more.

“A lot of things have gone bad and that’s really affecting our industry. When there is no power supply, how do you expect those that buy our movies to see such movies? So, it’s not encouraging at all,”
“Also, piracy has eaten so deep into the system, may be because people don’t have jobs and they’re just looking for other means to survive at all costs. And in the cause of that, they pirate other people’s intellectual property.

A lot is going on in Nigerian movie industry. We’re just praying the situation gets better. I particularly have confidence in this administration and believe Buhari will deliver as he promised.” She concluded