#ElectionDay: Trump Files Election Lawsuit in Clark County, Nevada | Judge Denies to Grant Order Sought by His Lawyers


Donald Trump‘s lawyers filed a lawsuit in Nevada claiming that polling locations were kept open “two hours beyond the designated closing time.” Trump lawyers are asking for relief in case “the election of presidential electors from the State of Nevada is contested.”

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The suit, filed in state court, also alleged that some people who were not in line when polls closed were able to vote. Nevada law allows people already waiting when the polls close to cast ballots.

Judge Gloria Sturman, of the District Court for Clark County Nevada denied the request by Trump’s campaign lawyers to issue an order directing a county registrar of voters to preserve and separate ballots from voting machines in four early voting sites in Clark County, Nevada.

Sturman said the campaign failed to exhaust administrative remedies for its concerns, adding that those records are already preserved by law.

She also said that issuing the order could potentially make poll workers’ identities public and open them up to harassment.

Sturman said that the County Registrar of Voters Joe P. Gloria was already obligated by state law to maintain the records that the Trump campaign is seeking.

“I am not ordering him (Joe P. Gloria) to preserve anything,” she old Brian Hardy, a lawyer for the Trump campaign, adding, “This is Election Day. He has other things to do”.