Donald Trump wrongly claims ‘voting machine problems across the country’ when it was actually in one county



If Donald Trump did get banned from Twitter by his campaign staff, they will be grimacing at one of the first tweets on election night.

On Tuesday, as voters across the country made their way to the polls to cast their ballot in one of the most divisive and contentious electoral races in history, the Republican candidate claimed CNN had reported there was widespread “voting machine problems across [the] entire country”.

The only issue was, that was not what CNN had said, instead they reported issues with voting machines in one county in the state of Utah, not the entire country.

“In point of fact, CNN is not reporting that,” he said directly to the camera. “The problem is problems across the county – a county – not the country as Mr Trump tweeted. That’s the difference of an ‘R’ but kind of an important one.”

Other reporters (and actors) also corrected the 70-year-old on Twitter:

On Monday, a report in the New York Times suggested Mr Trump’s aides had taken over his Twitter account to avoid a potential blunder in the final days of the election campaign. Mr Trump is known for his colourful, unorthodox and offensive tweets.

Mr Trump’s spokesperson Kellyanne Conway denied the claims while also diverting the conversation away from the subject.