Breaking!!! Chelsea Wins The 2016/17 Premier League Title… Watch Celebrations Video

Chelsea 4 – 2 Tottenham Hotspur

Antonio Conte has delivered the second title in three seasons at Stamford Bridge but his team had a unique advantage unavailable to other competitors

Well done to Chelsea for winning the Premier League. Well done to Antonio Conte on securing the title in his first season as manager. That – while not a unique achievement – is more than most have done. To come into a new league and hold the lead in a title race from matchday 12 to 38 is a stunning feat.

Carlo Ancelotti won it in his first season but found himself out of a job just a year later for failing to uphold Roman Abramovich’s Champions League expectations. That is something Conte has not had to worry about, given the mess Jose Mourinho made the season before, but the Italian had better take care in order to avoid the fate that befell his compatriot and title-winning predecessor Claudio Ranieri.

Fighting on more than one front was too much for him and his players, and his removal was the single-biggest factor in Leicester’s escape from relegation. Nobody is suggesting that Chelsea will be in a relegation scrap next season but Conte has got to recognise that this title was won in unusual circumstances, given that all his rivals had much more football to play. His work should not be judged on one season alone; tougher examinations are to come.

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