#BBNaija: Day 33 – The Housemates Stand As ONE & ThinTallTony Wins The Friday Night Task


Kemen kicked things off talking about his personal experience with sexism.

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Omotola in the house as they stand as ONE to empower young women

Actress and philanthropist Omotola paid the Housemates a very special visit this morning and used the opportunity to chat with them about the shocking inequalities young girls still face when it comes to access to quality education! The Housemates gasped in shock as she pointed out that over 130 million girls in developing countries still don’t have access to quality education and if they were a country it would be the 10th largest in the world! She urged them all to use their voices to draw attention to this shocking disparity reiterating the mantra of her campaign that “poverty is sexist!”

She also opened up about losing her father at a very young age and having to become the head of the household before delving into greater detail about her work with the ONE campaign to create support structures for young women in a similar position. Uriel and Bisola then recounted their own struggles with having to become mother figures to their younger siblings after losing their fathers at very young ages as well.

Marvis who comes from a family of eight also described how strained and confusing her relationship with her sister became after she took over the duty of parenting them. Omotola completely related to this and explained that her own siblings still didn’t know how to relate to her at times as she was a mother and sister all at once.

March 8th is the International Day for Women and after Omotola’s visit, we’re keen to see how the Housemates lend their voices to the plight of young girls everywhere. “It is an honor to stand next to a powerful woman!” Omotola exclaimed before the buzzer sounded and she said her goodbyes.

Playing your part to Transform

Omotola paid the Housemates a visit this morning to raise awareness about the lack of access to quality education for young girls in developing countries. She and ONE Africa are rallying to submit a petition to world leaders on March 8 asking them to make reforms that ensure address the fact that 130 million girls aren’t getting proper schooling. You can add your own voice here.

Kemen kicked things off talking about his personal experience with sexism. He recounted how his own father thwarted his mother’s success and sabotaged her attempts to travel abroad to study because he felt she’d become more successful than him. He then shared how he started a camp that scouted for talented young girls and put them in touch with industry heavyweights so they’d perfect their skills and get mentored.

Uriel emphasized the importance of healing and “emotional support” at this kind of camp! She also made it clear that without this support system no girl would have the courage and confidence to go out and be a success and that this was the grass root problem. TBoss rehashed the importance of giving and applauded Nigerians for being a very generous people! She also shared a heartbreaking story about some of the orphanages she’s supported!

Jon believed the problem of sexism was a systemic one argued that in addition to generosity people needed to actually “reform the education system” and “re-write the history books” so women’s accomplishments would be acknowledged! He cited Queen Amina who not only ruled West Africa but fought in battle alongside other women to defend it. His words resonated not only with his fellow Housemates many watching as well!

Bisola stressed the importance of not kicking girls out of school once they were pregnant because it made it so much more difficult for them to fend for their families. Bassey concurred then wrapped things up by adding that it was harmful to teach young girls that it was their sole responsibility to not get pregnant since it takes two to tango. He stressed the importance of teaching young boys to be responsible young men before pleading with everyone to start singing as he was “itching” to drum!

A jam session ensued and the Housemates composed a song in honor of the campaign, “We Are One!”.

ThinTallTony Wins the Friday Night Games

“Kemen, please step away.  There’s a new champion in the house,” sounded Biggie’s voice, as he announced ThinTallTony as the winner of the Friday Nights’Arena Games.

ThinTallTony breezed through the seven stage games, finishing at a record time of 1:56 seconds. Hot on his heels was Marvis, who recorded a time of 2:10 seconds, followed closely by Kemen, who recorded a time of 2:24 seconds.

The Housemates had to first recreate a marshmallow and spaghetti structure, climb over and under an obstacle, crawl under a low net and through the mud, climb over and under an obstacle again, swing on a rope over a pool of water, climb over an obstacle again and finally, use a stick to lift bolt nuts and stack them, making a tower.

While a couple of the Housemates, the likes of Marvis, Kemen, and Bassey, breezed through the games, several others struggled and had to throw in the towel. These included Ese and Uriel. It was the final stage that really had them struggling. They had to use a stick to pick and stack bolt nuts. Biggie had to remind them to pick up all their bolt nuts first before they could start building the tower. “Your time was spent,” said Biggie in the end.

This is the second week in a row that ThinTallTony shines during the Games, as last week he was announced the winner, beating Kemen, who came in second. However, his victory was short-lived, as footage taken during the Games that night indicated that ThinTallTony actually failed to complete the puzzle. Thus, Biggie withdrew his prize and announced Kemen as the winner.

Announcing ThinTallTony as tonight’s’ winner Biggie said it was a beautiful way of bouncing back from last week’s disappointment. “The best way to demonstrate your frustration is to vent on tonight’s Task,” Biggie said to him, further congratulating him.

Biggie then asked ThinTallTony to choose one Housemate to share his prize with. He chose Ese. “You will receive your prize from Big Brother tomorrow,” Biggie said before announcing that he had a “reward” for all the Housemates waiting for them in the Store Room.

It wasn’t long before the Housemates dipped into the Jacuzzi, having drinks, chatting and singing.