17 Years Old Lady Got Accepted to 19 Top Universities in the World

You can’t help but be proud of the country Nigeria, forgetting the harsh economic condition but how the people are surviving and making history for themselves just as Oludamilola Oluwadara Adekeye got the attention of the world as she made history. While just 28 student register for common entrance in Zamfara State 17-year old Oludamilola Oluwadara Adekeye got accepted into 19 top universities, including Yale, Stanford, Columbia and the London School of Economics, CNN reports.

“I’m 17 years old and I’m a student at Brighton College Abu Dhabi. I was recently accepted into 19 out of the 20 colleges I applied to,”

Talking to CNN the Brighton College student says she has been accepted by 19 out of the 20 colleges that she applied to, she says her passions include music and she is still a bit undecided about what she’ll study in university.