10 Hilarious Ways Ladies Act When Guys Accidentally See Them Naked


Nigerian comic writer, Tosyne2much has listed the most common ways the women folks react after being seen n*ked accidentally by men.

On several occasions, I have accidentally bumped into ladies rooms when they were dressing up and below are the hilarious ways they act when you see them unclad.

Note: Don’t think it was a deliberate act, it was just accidental.

*Clears throat*

Sit back and enjoy the reactions of the ladies after being seen unclad:

1. They scream loudly:

This is very common with every lady. When you enter her room without knocking and see her unclad she will scream so loud as if you point gun at her.

2. They start avoiding you:

This is also very common with every lady. Some of them do shakara pass Agbani Darego that you will begin to wonder if there’s a man on earth that is worthy of seeing their unclothedness. The moment you see these ones unclad they feel embarrassed and start avoiding you afterwards.

3. They quickly grab on to anything to cover themselves:

I went to a lady’s hostel last week and I bumped into her room without knocking. She quickly looked for an object to grab just to cover herself up but unfortunately for her there was none, to my greatest surprise, she picked a newspaper.

4. They start raining curses on you:

Some ladies will start raining curses on you with sango, ogun and the likes that you will begin to wonder if there’s anything special in their bodies which you haven’t seen before.

5. They make r*pe allegation against you:

I have once experienced this sometime last year. When I bumped into her room and accidentally saw her dressing up, she quickly headed towards the door and locked it with keys after which she started calling neighbours to come to her rescue from r*pe.

6. They resort to molesting you:

This is not an exaggeration at all. It once happened to a friend. As funny as it sounds some of them will quickly lock the door with keys and tell you to kuku do it, after all, you have seen what they have been hiding from you.

7. They start interrogating you:

Some of them will start throwing relevant and irrelevant questions in the process. They start asking both relevant and irrelevant questions such as, “can’t you just knock before entering?; don’t you know I’m unclad before entering my room?”; “did you seen anything?”; “Do you know you just sinned against God?”; now that you have seen me unclad, you are happy now shey? B4 nko why I no go happy?

8. They run like Usain Bolt:

I remember vividly when one babe in my villa was coming from the bathroom when her towel unexpectedly untied from her body when all guys were chilling outside their rooms, omo !! You need to see the girl grab race enter inside her room. I swear Usain Bolt gan no fast pass her

9. They quickly switch off the light:

Let’s assume it happened at night, some of them will quickly dash to switch off the light and tell you to vacate the room

10. They start wailing:

Some of them will become PDP tyrants immediately and start wailing like the wailing wailers. They will start telling you how you have no regard for a lady and that you were supposed to close your eyes instead of staring at their unclothedness.

I drop my pen at this point.